We are proud to announce the NOVOX, an evolution in the elaboration of your dental models!

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NOVOX is composed of a Polyol based resin. It does not make dust, is easy to manipulate and use due to its own mixer and container it can be used in small physical spaces. One huge advantage of NOVOX is its resistance, 36 times stronger than plaster.  It is indicated to all types of dental models (master models, die cutting models, isolated die, partial models and prototypes).

Advantages of Novox:

img1 Excellent superficial aspect even after cutting or milling (smooth surface)

img2 Waterproof, inert, resistant and easy glow recovery.

img3  Easy to manipulate and to work with, time of solidification only 30 minutes

img4 Easy scanning material, with no need to apply any product.

img5  No contraction or expansion.                                                                      

img6The average yield is 40 arches.



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