Article published on the magazine Dental Target Clinic&Lab. Work made with Dynamic Titanium Bases.


Here we present a work made by Dynamic TiBase®. 

We tend to believe that the future of dentistry and dental technology will be digital only, but present is already
the future and the technology has evolved so much that the dentist can scan, model and print digital dental work
while the patient waits. A process that recently last few days or weeks can now be done in a few hours, but
with a primary functional and aesthetic result. For certain emerging markets, the technology is still expensive,
but with the spread and reduce the cost of design and manufacturing software, more and more doctors and
technicians will have access to these types of devices. New and advanced materials are allowing us to do
dental work that were impossible to achieve without the help of CAD / CAM but still need a person with
skill, knowledge and talented, to guide and in many cases to complete the dental work. The present and
future is the combination betwen CAD / CAM with a technician or a team of technicians who can get a
fast, quality unmatched by mans craftsmanship but with a unique aesthetic component due to the artist.
Key-words: CAD/CAM, zircon, implants, digital, aesthetic, present, future, must have.

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