Guided surgery case by Dr. Sławomir Pastor, Poland

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The DAS Guided Surgical Kit is the most versatile guided surgical kit on the market. It allows you to solve cases of any kind with minimally invasive procedures and it works with all implant systems. This is another case solved by Dr. Sławomir Pastor from Stomatologia Pastor, Poland with Exoplan software. 📸@karolbijak 

Case 2 solved with Reference Scanbody by Klinika Niewiński

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If you’re working on edentulous cases, keeping track of multiple implants during the scanning process can be a challenge. But with our PEEK pins, you can easily lock the Reference Scanbody in place, ensuring you don’t lose the reference between implants. At Dynamic Abutment Solutions, we understand the importance of precision and accuracy in dental implantology. That’s why we have …

Case solved by Dental Design

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Another case successfully resolved thanks to the Guided DAS Surgical Kit and DAS Multi Unit by Dental Design By Ricardo Velazquez and the 3DIEMME Real Guide software.

Reverse impression technique: A fully digital protocol for the fabrication of the definitive fixed prosthesis for completely edentulous patients

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In complete arch implant rehabilitation, one of the greatest difficulties still encountered in the digital workflow is the deviation of the implant position during intraoral scanner (IOS) data acquisition. As a result, the passivity of a definitive prosthesis fabricated using IOS data might be compromised. Thus, an implant position verification method is essential, either digitally or conventionally executed. A fully …