dynamicabutment News

Last 19th and 20th of November, we were honored to receive our distributor in Mexico, SIMO DENTAL. He spent a 2-day-training in our facilities to know, at first hand, how we work in DAS.

We started the training with a short presentation of the new products and services that DAS offers: the new 3TiBase® for those cases thar need more cement height, the new Dynamic µScanbody system and the customized CAD-CAM adjustment services.

For DAS team, this interaction is essential to innovate in new solutions that make the work of dental professionals easier. Therefore, the visit of these professionals was a very enriching experience for us as well.

Quality Center facilities visit

The participants in our R&D department with the engineers

Esteban Xam-mar, CEO of Dynamic Abutment® Solutions during the presentation