dynamicabutment News

We want to share with you great news: we have obtained the UNE 166002 certificate for R & D & I Management Systems.

It is a pleasure to obtain this recognition after years of hard work and research that has made us world leaders in angled solutions as well as in the field of researching new solutions for dental restorations.

Research, development and innovation (R & D & I) are undoubtedly crucial elements on today’s markets. The dental sector has evolved in a few years more than in the last four decades. This situation prompts professionals in the sector to make great efforts to adapt and integrate new technologies in the design of prostheses.

Dynamic Abutment® Solutions eases this process of adaptation by providing products and services that incorporate the latest technologies.

In order to be at the forefront of the sector, it is essential to make good use of change and knowledge management: the implementation of an R & D & I Management System under the UNE 166002 Standard allows managing all these R & D activities + I.

Our customers, distributors and collaborators know that we are always ready to go one step ahead, that we are disruptive and creative.

Thus, in 2004 we launched the first Dynamic Pillar® and revolutionized the world of prostheses. Since then, more than 12 years after, we continue developing new products and solutions that allow us to improve the quality of dental restorations and their aesthetics. And all with high quality products endorsed by more than 600,000 (?) Products sold in all international markets.

Obtaining the certificate of the UNE 166002 standard encourages us to keep providing you with new products and services that contribute to the improvement of dental restorations.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our collaborators, clients and distributors who have accompanied us all these years and have contributed to the growth of DYNAMIC ABUTMENT® SOLUTIONS, becoming an international company present in more than 40 countries.

Thanks to all for trusting us. We will continue making your job easier!