dynamicabutment News

In Dynamic Abutment® Solutions, we are continuously consolidating our presence and successfully introducing our latest developments regarding dynamic abutments and cad-cam technology in the international market.

Nowadays, thanks to our distributors, our products and dynamic solutions are present in more than 36 countries.

Recently, we have provided support to our distributors in the most important fairs from the dental sector and we have conducted training sessions in several markets in order to enhance the advantages of our products when designing and elaborating a dental prosthesis. We help and create closer ties with our distributors.

Few days ago, Dynamic Abutment® Solutions was in Dentech China (Shanghai), the main professional event for the dental technology in the Asian continent.

The good reception of all our products in the international market is supported by the incorporation of new distributors and collaborators who trust in our products and distribute them in their own markets. We want to thank all of them for their support, we want to reward them with new developments and services that help them improve their daily work.