Judicial Sentence

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Statement to customers and suppliers regarding UBH’s (Universal Ball Head S.L)  Judicial Sentence lawsuit.

Attached is a link to the court decision in favour of the interests of Talladium España in case no. 812/2016: Screw and tightening tool (odontology), filed by UBH (Universal Ball Head S.L), in which it is rejected that our dynamic screwdriver-screw system infringes its patent EP2420354 – ES2577509.

Talladium España has been granted patents number EP 2932937 and EP 3260079 which protect the product: dynamic screw and dynamic screwdriver.

Talladium España reserves the right to take legal action to defend its rights in the event of patent infringement.

Link to the court decision: https://bit.ly/2NzxO7p