Novelty 3.0 Dynamic Abutment®, angulation up to 28º

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Last March, Talladium launched the 3.0 Dynamic Abutment ®, a breakthrough with which we have extended the angulation of the unique system used in screwed prosthesis on implants bad-positioned, reaching up to 28° on regular and wide platforms and up to 25° on the narrow platforms.
With the new 3.0 system set of screw and screwdriver you can reach freedom of angulation up to 30º in Cad-Cam milled structures, improving the functionality and aesthetic of it.
The head of the screw and screwdriver have a 1.70 mm. hexalobular shape. Longer life of the screw head is achieved with this change due to the expansion of the resistant section in the lobular profile without edges and to the better torque transmission since there is an increase of the contact areas.
We also have incorporated a new material to the bases of the mechanized abutments, the Cobalt-chrome, that like the Tilite®, ensures a perfect passive fit with the implants and avoid any changes during the manufacturing process of the prosthesis.

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