It all starts here, in our Production Centre

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It all starts here, in our Production Centre. Here we shape the ideas we develop day by day, with multifunctional equipment which allows us to prototype quickly, choosing between any bio-compatible material that exists in the market to make the best final product.

Our multi-axis machining equipment allows us to obtain the complex geometries that our designs demand in order to achieve the fit and perfect precision of your dental restoration.

Dynamic Abutment Solutions, in addition to being a manufacturer, is also your digital partner and will be on your side throughout all your work protocol, adapting to your needs.

To do so, we manufacture prototypes, validate and certify the final product in compliance with the regulatory legislation in force in each country, as well as provide the required IT support so that you can implement it in your workflow. A comprehensive support in which we guarantee the functionality you expect for your components.
Our Production Centre, managed by a multidisciplinary team of professionals, is equipped to produce tailored pieces and short series of product.

At DAS, our commitment to doing a good job extends to ensuring an efficient and sustainable use of resources in all activities. To this end, most of the electric consumption of our Production Centre already comes from photovoltaic panels installed in our headquarters, and recyclable and environmentally friendly materials are used.