DAS NEWS 2023-07

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Instructions for use for Guided DAS Surgical KIT

The Guided DAS Surgical KIT includes instructions for use and is tested and validated by the most widely used surgery software on the market, ensuring that our components work with the software, and an exceptional planning result.
We continue to validate more softwares and will have new libraries available, which will further expand the possibilities and options of our surgical KIT.
Stay tuned for our updates to learn more about our Guided DAS Surgical Kit and discover how it can revolutionise your surgical practices!
➡ For more information visit the following link: https://www.dynamicabutment.com/guided-das-surgical-kit/

New case solved with the DAS Guided Surgical Kit

We present a new case solved with the Guided DAS Surgical Kit. A complete arch carried out by Dr. Sławomir Pastor from Stomatologia Pastor (Poland) with Exoplan software and our Reference Scanbody.

The DAS Guided Surgical Kit is the most versatile #guidedsurgery kit on the market. It allows you to solve cases of any kind with minimally invasive procedures and it works with all implant systems. Find out more about our universal guided surgery system ON OUR WEBSITE.