DAS Solidarity Mauritania with DentalCoop/ HumanCoop

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Esteban Xam-mar, CEO of Dynamic Abutment Solutions has carried out a new expedition in Bir Moghrein together with 23 volunteers from DentalCoop/HumanCoop who, once again, have travelled thousands of kilometres to provide multidisciplinary health care to the most remote places in Mauritania: general medicine, pharmacy, gynecology, laboratory, dentistry and dental prosthesis.

More than 3 and a half days of intense work to visit more than 500 patients and give them a chance to improve their health.

As companies we have to commit ourselves to create a better world and with this small contribution we are helping the people who need it most.

The route from the capital of Mauritania to Bir Moghrein


Esteban Xam-mar working on a prosthesis


One of the patients before the dental restoration.


After the dental restoration.