Presenting CAPS System in Belgium


Last week we were in Belgium with our distributor Improdent in the country to introduce the CAPS Intraoral Scanning System. Doctor Nuytens was in charge of presenting to the audience the new CAPS System he has developed together with Dynamic Abutment Solutions for a Fully Digital Workflow.

The intraoral scanning of an edentulous jaw with implants is a major challenge for a dentist. Dr. Nuytens, who tested the system in his clinic with several patients, explained through practical case studies that:

– Allows a very accurate scan, reducing the risk of mistakes and loss of information in the process of scanning the mouth and the position of the implants
– It’s simple and fast. Allows to save a lot of time without losing control of the prosthetic factors
– The CAPS clinical protocol can be completed in less than an hour
– It’s compatible with more than 360 implant brands
– Can be used with the current scanners on the market

The more than 90 attendees were interested in the new System and the working protocol to use it in their clinics.