Achieving Esthetics, Function, and Retrievability with Implant-Supported Monolithic Zirconia Restorations While Minimizing Surgical Interventions

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This article describes an abutment (Dynamic Abutment, Dynamic Abutment Solutions) that allows deviation to the axis of the implant by up to 30 degrees and its use in conjuntion with monolithic zirconia restorations. The nonaxial engagement of the retaining screw is facilitated by a screwdriver with a hexolobular driver tip that corresponds to the design of the screw. This allows …

How to change access holes in unfavourable implant angulations.


Angulated Screw Technology / How to change access holes in unfavourable implant angulations. Case made by N.Chandra Sekhar Dynamic Abutment Solutions India. One of the main requirements of Implant supported prosthesis happens to be passive and retrievable Prosthesis. Basically all cement retained restorations are passive but not retrievable, on the other hand screw retained prosthesis are retrievable but not passive owing to …

Dynamic Abutment: A method of redirecting screw access for implant-supported restorations: Technical details and a clinical report


The esthetic outcome of implant-supported restorations is affected by the implant position. A well-placed implant will allow appropriate contours of the restoration and together with an adequate volume of soft tissue will result in a functional and esthetic restoration. When a screwretained restoration is anticipated, an implant that is angled too far facially would be esthetically unacceptable. In 2004, an …

Static and fatigue flexo compression assembly resistance results: dental implant Dynamic Titanium Bases

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The present report presents the results for the flexo-compression static and fatigue simulation study, for a set of Dynamic Titanium Bases and dental implant of Multi-Unit Connection type Nobel Biocare Brand Regular Abutment The Multi-Unit model implemented uses a M1.4 screw, which is the most crucial of all those used. Download file