DAS NEWS 2022-12

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Esteban Xam-mar, CEO of Dynamic Abutment Solutions has carried out a new expedition in Bir Moghrein together with 23 volunteers from DentalCoop/HumanCoop who, once again, have travelled thousands of kilometres to provide multidisciplinary health care to the most remote places in Mauritania: general medicine, pharmacy, gynecology, laboratory, dentistry and dental prosthesis.

More than 3 and a half days of intense work to visit more than 500 patients and give them a chance to improve their health.

As companies we must commit ourselves to create a better world and with this small contribution, we are helping the people who need it most.



Within our quality process we include precise optical and contact measurement processes, we guarantee and comply with the high technical demands we have at Dynamic Solutions Abutment.


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