Removal torque and force to failure of non-axially tightened implant abutment screws

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by: Jack Goldberg, DDS, MS,a Tiffany Lee, DDS,b Jin-Ho Phark, DDS, Dr Med Dent,c and Winston Chee, DDSd

Statement of problem. Components have been introduced that allow the screw channel of an implant crown to be angled lingually and the screws to be tightened in a non-axial direction to the implant. Information is lacking as to how the removal torque value (RTV) and force to failure (FTF) of these components compare with those of conventional screws.
Purpose. The purpose of this in vitro study was to evaluate and compare the RTV and FTF values of cyclically loaded implant-supported restorations. Specifically, values for conventional axially tightened gold screws were compared to those for non-axially tightened screws aligned at 3 different angulations.