The Dynamic Premill3D: The only premilled blank that allows to choose angulation up to 30º

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The Dynamic Premill3d is a pre-milled blank that allows to choose angulation of the screw channel up to 30º. It’s available in Cobalt-Chrome, allows to apply ceramic directly. Precision machined of the implant connection up to +/- 5 microns. Below, you can see three real cases of different single crowns milled by MillBox software from Sum3D.

Discover the safety from Dynamic Abutment® Solutions System

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An evaluation from the flexural-torsional resistance of the Screwdriver set of 3.0 Dynamic Abutment® System has been carried out simulating real working conditions. Stages during the flexural-torsional test, supported by the 3.0 Dynamic Abutment® Screwdriver: PROPORTIONAL LIMIT STRESS: Highest stress at which stress is directly proportional to strain. It is the highest stress at which the curve in a stress-strain diagram is …

Mechanical torque test on a set of 3.0 dynamic TiBase + analog

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Mechanical test on an analogue compatible with Nobel Biocare Branemark 4.1, using a M2 dynamic screw (recommended torque 25N·cm) and a 3.0 Dynamic® TiBase. The test was carried out simulating real working conditions in a clinic, exerting an inclination of 30° ± 2° with the 3.0 Dynamic screwdriver DSPDCLH-24, in relation to the axis of the screw during its tightening …